First of all thank you very much for coming this far.

My name is Khushi, I live in Pardeshipura Indore, and I love baking. In March 2022, I took my first professional baking class from Kiran Mem, after that with the help of my friends, I learned to make different types of baking items.
I love to experiment with baking. Completion of one year I put up my first stall in Shalimar Township, lots of learnings, lots of appreciation and encouragement mixed with guidance. I got so much love from the people there that for the next one week I had to go there every evening to place orders for my baking. Thanks to Adarsh who solved my delivery issues and his team took care of the further responsibilities.

As my work grew, I started honing my craft in healthy cuisine giving first priority to taste and Adarsh team took it upon myself to join you and bring my services to you.
Just like this I kept getting your love and trust and today I have been able to share cakes and happiness with my team every day. Keep your faith in me like this.



I’ll keep adding my milestones here as my Journal, considering the beginning of cakesandhappyness from my first training


After our first stall on 15th Aug me and Adarsh started this website to better present and understand our taste